Thirsty for frame

Hi, I am Tudor.

I am the founder of this project, which makes me very thirsty to create more and more, and dedicate myself completely.

I consider myself an open person,( which I think is a perk), that’s why for me, the client is a friend.

I’m a photographer at my roots, which made me understand and express myself differently through videography. So, to induce the feeling of the moment, it’s required that the emotion is

captured exactly how it is, without directing or other means.

Everything that’s around me inspires me to create, but most of all photography and music, which have lots of ways to induce you the feeling.

That’s about it about me, I wish to tell ( at some point) your story too, through my eyes.

Cheers ! 😀

HI, I’m David.

Do you know that awkward moment when you can’t answer a question? Or at least you’re not prepared with the right answer. The question that has me in a tough spot is a simple one “ What do you do for a living?”. After this question is being posed, for a few seconds I feel guilty because I’m 23, and I haven’t worked much so far.

Then I remember that I’ve been working for quite some time, but I don’t feel like working. I do what I do out of pleasure, being blessed by the creator with the opportunity to discover that job that allows you to meet people, have fun, and not know the meaning of routine, everything is new all the time. The thought that nothing is the same, be it an event, party or any kind of project excites me and fills me up with energy.

Pam pam – I can’t wait to get to know each other and “work” together

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